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  • Can I make a rug of any design I want?
    Yes. You can also send us a photo of the pattern/image you want to make, and we will draw and design it for you. For example, if you want to customize a carpet for your pet dog or cat, you can send us its photo and we will draw and design it for you.
  • It says I can only book at a minimum of 12 hours in advance. Is it possible to book a workshop less than 12 hours in advance.
    Yes, it's certainly possible! If you would like to book a workshop with less than 12 hours notice, please contact us via telephone or email. You'll find out contact details at the bottom of the HOME page, and on the CONTACT page.
  • I’m experienced at tufting! Can I come in and use the space too?
    Of course! We will provide you with all you need to work on your piece and you will have access to all the facilities of the studio. This session is available to experienced tufters at an hourly charge of £35 and slots are subject to availability. Please contact us at to book your slot.
  • Something cropped up and I can’t make it to the workshop. Can I change my workshop date/time?
    Please double check the date/time for your workshop before making your payment. We allow a one-off rescheduling to another date/time within a month as long as we are informed 24 hours before the scheduled workshop. These reschedule slots will be subject to availability. Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds once the payment is made and wish you to come and join us at Tufting Manchester. Please let us know if you plan to reschedule at No-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours are considered as completed workshops and are non-refundable.
  • What if I can’t complete the rug with the stipulated time?
    Don’t worry! You are more than welcome to stay longer to complete your rug. Extensions are chargeable at £10/hour.
  • Do you offer any discounts for groups?
    Because we are already the lowest price among similar studios in the UK and provide a full range of post-trimming services, there is really no room to provide more discounts.
  • Do you offer any discounted package of workshops?
    If you want to become a regular in our studio for a while, we offer a package of 3 Mini Rug Workshops for £150.
  • Can I book a longer workshop than 2 days?
    Absolutely! Just get in touch with us at to talk about what you have in mind for the rug of your dreams.
  • I’m planning a private event that will include tufting workshops. Where can I book?
    We host private events for groups for special occasions. Please email us at to discuss your perfect tufting event!
  • What is the maximum number of people for a private event?
    Due to safety reasons we can host a maximum of 6 people for a private event. We offer discounts for private group workshops. Please email us at to discuss your perfect tufting event!
  • Can I book a workshop for tomorrow?
    You can tell us the specific time you want to come tomorrow. If there are still remaining slots, we can arrange them for you. If not, you need to reschedule the time or you cannot book tomorrow. Example: If you would like to attend the workshop on July 5th at 2pm, we have also confirmed that there is indeed a place available. You need to secure your place and make your payment at least 2 hours before 2pm on July 5th and send us the drawings of your choice.
  • Can I bring someone with me to the workshop to watch me or take photos?
    Yes, but there are many items in the store, there may be potential safety issues, and there are also sharp objects such as scissors. If there is an accident, you will be taking responsible for it yourself, especially children need to have a guardian by their side. We hope to ensure everyone's safety while enjoying the fun. If it is a photo for commercial needs, please email us at Pet friendly.
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